What I do

2014 update

In 2012, I started a new company with two friends from IDEO. We focus on innovation made personal, helping people to learn and apply design thinking to the challenges at their organizations. Innovationship LLC is my primary focus these days.

as a design thinking guide

Working alone or with a network of expert colleagues, I create workshops and give presentations that introduce design thinking and the innovation process to organizations.

Learning how to approach business problems like a design thinker — learning to complement traditional analytic skills with intuitive and integrative processes — is a powerful tool for business success, and it can be a transformative personal tool as well.

I am also a certified facilitator for Design Thinker, a workshop simulation developed by ExperiencePoint and IDEO. Using a web-based program, Design Thinker brings teams through the paces of a typical design project, teaching observation, brainstorming, storyboarding, and prototyping in a game-based simulation that is immersive, educational, and fun.

as a writer

Telling effective and memorable stories is a skill needed throughout an organization. Whether it’s the marketing group working within messaging guidelines, HR sending out sensitive news in a culturally appropriate way, or project teams sharing their work, using the power of good storytelling techniques helps communicate ideas people understand and remember.

I write and edit texts of all sorts, and I will work with you to make your ideas and language clear, concise, and strong. My clients are people who need to convey ideas and information to colleagues, clients, employees, customers, and communities. I’ve worked in online media and in print, collaborating on concise, space-constrained copy as well as academic papers, magazine articles, and book-length efforts.